Toyota at Geneva: convertible, hybrid scooter

Toyota showed in Switzerland three completely different car. Open convertible FT86, large hybrid hatchback Auris and incredible electric scooter.

Toyota FT86 Open

Convertible on the basis of globally renowned sports coupe Toyota GT86 was created to study the demand and the reaction of the public to an open car with a sporty character.

Its exterior dimensions are the same compartment with dimensions (length 4240 mm, width 1750 mm, height 1270 mm), and a fixed hard-top roof is replaced by a multilayer fabric with a solid rear window. Landing formula is the same – 2 +2, but the climb to the back row of an open car, certainly much easier. Show car presented in a pure white body and seats with contrasting blue roof. The color scale of the exterior and interior have developed in the Milan studio Toyota Boshoku Milan Design.

Platform, transmission and engine are different from coupe. The two-liter boxer of 200 horsepower drives the rear wheels through a six-speed automatic or mechanic.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports

To give the technology incorporated in the Toyota Prius is more attractive, the Japanese put the same power plant in a “sport” and the modern universal hatchback Toyota Auris Hybrid Sports Touring. Grate in style last RAV4 and fuel economy should live up to the car waiting. Inside built in the UK Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sports live familiar 1.8-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor. Conventional gasoline and diesel versions will also be available in all markets where the brand.

Toyota i-Road

Equipped with a bunch of gyros and all three wheels motorcycle concept Toyota i-Road can not fall on a single charge for 50 kilometers. Amazing rear wheel scooter provides the minimum turning radius, and moving in all planes front – incredible stability. Five years ago, a similar concept of personal vehicles called HYmotion3 demonstrated company Peugeot. Watch the video.

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